Looking to be eco-friendly? Choose a used bizhub Refreshed printer.Looking to be eco-friendly? Choose a used bizhub Refreshed printer.

Looking to be eco-friendly? Choose a used bizhub Refreshed printer.

Konica Minolta offers you to rent a high quality used printer at a discounted price, with all the warranties and flexible contract terms of a new printer.

What is bizhub Refreshed?

Konica Minolta promotes the circular economy and the reuse of products throughout Europe, which is why the bizhub Refreshed program was created. The goal of this program is to encourage the use of used printers, conserve resources, and reduce pollution. By choosing a used printer, you not only saving money but also contributing to reducing environmental pollution.

Why choose bizhub Refreshed?

Our used printers, refreshed under the bizhub Refreshed program, are prepared following Konica Minolta's exceptionally high quality standards. When renting these printers with RelaxRate, they come with all warranties and services, just like new printers. We also guarantee that their printing quality will leave no doubts, so you have no reason to hesitate if you want to purchase a printer at a lower price.
Lower price1. Lower price
The printer refurbishment process is same across all Europe2. The printer refurbishment process is same across all Europe
Quality guarantee3. Quality guarantee
Resource conservation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions4. Resource conservation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Konica Minolta bizhub Refreshed

The process of refreshing Bizhub printers is standardized across Europe. Our goal is to reintroduce used but perfectly functioning printers to the market, thus reducing resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The process of refreshing used printers includes:
  • Printer cleaning
  • Software and security updates
  • Removal of old data (according to BDAR requirements)
  • Security checks
  • Replacement of worn-out parts with original Konica Minolta components

After the printer has been refreshed, a thorough inspection is carried out, during which all printer functions are tested: printing, scanning, copying. A Bizhub Refreshed status is granted to a printer that passes these tests without any issues, confirming that the printer's performance is as good as new.

How does it work?

Evaluation1. Evaluation
We assess the quality of each used printer based on a list of criteria that define how a printer should perform. Printers that meet all the requirements are passed on to our engineers for further work.
Preparation2. Preparation
Once our engineers receive used printers that meet the requirements, they begin the process of refurbishing them. The used printers are cleaned, they undergo security and software updates, data removal, and security checks. If necessary, worn-out parts are replaced with original Konica Minolta components.
Inspection 3. Inspection
In the final stage, all the refurbished printer functions are tested: printing, scanning, copying. Verified printers are marked with a "bizhub Refreshed" label, confirming that the refurbished printer operates just as well as a brand-new one.
Printer rental with RelaxRate

Printer rental with RelaxRate

When renting a printer with RelaxRate, you not only get a printer but also numerous benefits. You won't have to worry about ordering printer toners, technical maintenance, or repairs. We will take care of everything for you, and it won't cost you anything extra.
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Frequently asked questions

Are all used printers of the same model identical?
No. Each used printer has printed a different quantity of pages, and its usage time may vary. When renting a printer with RelaxRate, it doesn't affect you because all used printers receive the same warranties and maintenance.
Can I rent any printer with RelaxRate?
Not all of our printers are included within renting with RelaxRate. Some of the printers you can only buy. See our range of RelaxRate printers here
If you don't find a suitable printer, please contact us, and we will find the most suitable solution for you here.

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