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When you’re renting a printer with RelaxRate, your service package includes not only the printer itself but also free toner, starting from 1200 included prints, as well as free installation and delivery, and free technical support.
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Printer rental with RelaxRate

Printer rental with RelaxRate

When renting a printer with RelaxRate, you not only get a printer but also numerous benefits. You won't have to worry about ordering printer toners, technical maintenance, or repairs. We will take care of everything for you, and it won't cost you anything extra.
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Want to be environmentally friendly? Choose a used bizhub Refreshed printer

Want to be environmentally friendly? Choose a used bizhub Refreshed printer

Konica Minolta offers you to rent a high quality used printer at a discounted price, with all the warranties and flexible contract terms of a new printer.
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Used Printers

Konica Minolta offers you the opportunity to rent a high-quality used printer at a lower cost with all warranties and flexible contract terms, provided when renting a new printer.

Throughout Europe, Konica Minolta promotes a circular economy and the reuse of products, leading to the creation of the bizhub Refreshed program. The aim of this program is to encourage the reuse of used printers, conserve resources, and reduce pollution. By choosing a used printer, you not only save money but also contribute to environmental pollution reduction.
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