Microsoft solutions by Konica Minolta: two powerful partners for a successful business

24. Janv. 2020

The key to business success today usually presents itself in a square shape – namely in the form of the digital devices and applications that employees use on a daily basis. If it’s remotely accessing a sensitive document, working on the data of the latest customer inquiry or on the purchase order from last week, these are examples of workflows, data and business processes that need to be managed digitally by every company nowadays. It is crucial that this can be handled smoothly, intuitively...

Customer experience management

Customer experience management: how customers become happy and how they stay that way

20. Janv. 2020

The most important reason as to why people buy one product over another is no longer based on quality or price, but rather a feeling. With customer experience management (CXM), companies work methodically on exceeding the expectations of their customers, as well as delighting them. Here, you can read about what small and medium-sized enterprises can do to ensure a good customer experience.


How robotic process automation (RPA) alleviates mind-numbing tasks to keep new-generation employees engaged

07. Janv. 2020

New-generation employees tend to have had a high-tech and hyper-connected upbringing, as a result they tend to bring a new set of behaviours, expectations, and preferences into the workplace.


Backup management: every business needs an emergency exit

06. Janv. 2020

Losing data can be catastrophic for any business. So it is crucial to protect yourself against loss and invest in backup management. Not only should it protect all your important files and folders, it should also synchronise the data and restore it quickly in the event of a failure. Read on to find out what you should know about disaster recovery of your data.